Blairgowrie Pier

October 9, 2019

Blairgowrie pier dive site is an hour and half drive from Melbourne. It’s perfect for long leisurely shore dives and easy snorkelling. Because it is covered on three sides, it’s usually diveable even when conditions are not great. It’s best dived on a high slack tide. If you are snorkelling and duck diving, be mindful not to hit your head when getting back up to the surface.

Blairgowrie pier dive site

This is one of my favorite snorkel spots. It’s easy to get to, easy to get in and out and teeming with life.

What you’ll see

The highlight for me is always seeing the big smooth rays. If you are scuba diving, just stay still close to the bottom and they’ll come check you out. Some get up really close and personal, so make sure you’re ready with the camera! Other things to keep an eye out for are seahorses, nudi branches, decorator crabs, cuttlefish, squid, stingarees and banjo sharks.

During the winter months the infamous spider crab migration takes place. At this time the sandy bottom is filled with molting spider crabs. Make sure you rug up though, as temperatures around this time of the year can be as low as 11 degrees.

Getting in

There is a diver pontoon with a ladder about half way out that can be used for entry and exit.

Important information

Blairgowrie Pier is an active marina, which means that there is boat traffic moving here. It is also a popular fishing spot. For these two reasons, make sure you always stay underneath the pier and be mindful of fishing lines in the water. It is recommended to carry a knife in case of any entanglements.

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